The Last Drama

Is the passion baby of a 20 something year old who loves watching Korean dramas.

For the longest time, I have been mentally debating to start a blog. But about what? My life is as basic as it can get – work, home, and school. Despite being basic, my current life is hectic and routine constricted. The only rest I can insert between my days of relaxation is lying on my bed, watching K-dramas on my laptop.

How Did I Start Watching K-dramas?

For a bit of history, I started watching Asian dramas when the Meteor Garden craze took over. I believe this led for K-dramas to be shown in the Philippines as well. The first K-drama I watched and got hooked on was Save the Last Dance For Me starring Eugene from SES and Ji Sung. It was shown back in 2004. To anyone wondering what it’s about, it’s a superb telling of the classic “I got into an accident and now I have an amnesia” plot. And that’s where I got the idea for my blog’s title; an ode to my first ever K-drama.

I have added more to my list since then but obviously, it’s unavoidable to share all-time favorites. Like any other K-drama enthusiast, Boys Over Flowers is my number one for all the roller coaster ride of emotions the show had. Tied with it is My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho starring Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah. The chemistry between them was superior. I rarely dream for co-actors to date in real life but back then I wish they did. It’s a rom-com that I never get tired of.

Starting the Blog

Now, K-dramas have taken over so much of people’s lives. More outstanding dramas have been released since then, and all the more reasons for me to have the need to share the love for my stress reliever. I’m glad K-drama gave me the content and prompt to start this blog that combines with my other hobbies – reading and writing.

As I have mentioned, K-drama is something I squeeze between my time. Sadly, I am not as fast nor updated as others but just as devoted. That’s why I decided to start this blog; I have so much emotions and opinions to share with all of you. I hope we get to connect together in my blog and chat how K-dramas provide us contentment and affection, one show at a time for this slow watcher.